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About Me

Hello! I'm Pratham Rawat, a Junior at Cornell University pursuing a career in software development.

I have a passion for building meaningful software in a fast paced environment! I have experience with entrepreneurship, leadership, and software engineering at a fundamental level through my own startup, professional internships, and multiple school clubs. I have experience with all stages of the software development life cycle, but am mostly interested in backend and analytical work. I also have experience with the Agile development methodology, JIRA, and working in a large corporate setting, along with working on perfomant software through working on a trading system backend. I hope to leverage my experience in traditional software development alongside strong mathematics, leadership, and analytical skills to write software that is not only technically impressive, but serves a meaningful purpose.

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Software Engineer Intern @ Bloomberg LP

June 2022 - August 2022

At Bloomberg, I work on the backend of the EMSX product. If you have access to a Bloomberg Terminal, check it out at EMSX ! The tool is used by traders worldwide to place trades around global markets. The backend code is focused on readability and performance, as we handle trade routing and execution of futures, equities, and options trades. Traders can specify various settings for orders and execution, such as "Good 'Till Canceled" and "Good 'Till Date" trades. My projects included working on backend features for various aspects of the EMSX system as the team migrates to a new, more performant bankend, and building a regression testing project for ensuring compatibility between multiple versions of the codebase.

Software Engineer Intern @ Fidelity Investments

June 2021 - August 2021

My role as a Software Engineer at Fidelity had me working closely with the Application Security team, which works to secure all of Fidelity's vast suite of products and platforms. Working in an Agile development environment, I wrote automations to help management teams understand the work that subteams were completing. I worked with the JIRA API to build robust data analytics tools from JIRA tickets. I also researched different software vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them, and different software tools for managing credentials at scale. At the end of my internship, I developed a slide deck and presented my research findings and software projects to senior management.

Software Engineer Intern @ Cryptonomic

July 2019 - June 2021

Working closely with experienced developers, innovative designers and numerous offshore employees and contractors. I was responsible for developing insightful and usable projects surrounding Cryptonomic's product suite of blockchain and cryptocurrency user and developer tools in the rapid project turnaround time that a startup needs to function. I've developed production-ready code for visualizing blockchain data for use by users, investors, and data analysts (deployed as Periscope), and developed scripts for deploying containerized blockchain node infrastructure and containerized versions of Cryptonomic's own tool suite for use by smart-contract developers and users alike (deployed as Nautilus Core). I also worked with Tunica, an NYC based art studio to develop Reloaded, a curated NFT gallery, build in robust React-native, Typescript, and backed by self-authored smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. I have also conducted research on a variety of cryptocurrency supply statistics, optimized SQL queries on blockchain data, and developed smart contracts.

School Experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant @ Cornell S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management

Sept 2021 - Present

More details coming soon!

Algorithmic Trading Team @ Cornell Data Science

Sept 2021 - Present

More details coming soon!

President of Software Engineering @ StuyPulse

Sept 2016 - June 2020

I served on my High School Robotics Team for four years in both a development and leadership capacity. As a member of the Software Engineering Department, I developed code in Java for the robot, and researched Computer Vision, PID tuning, and other control systems. Under my leadership as Vice President and President, I managed the 25-person Software Engineering Department to research Motion Profiling as well as additional control with PID and CV. I also managed the logistics of the 100+ person team at large and helped to plan events and mentor other teams.

Personal Projects

This Website!

A small site to showcase some different things that I'm working on.

Written in plain HTML and CSS, designed by yours truly.

GitHub Repository

Stock Market AI using Google Trends

I've always been interested in what can be gleaned from our aggregate search data. Using the percent change in search volume of various different search terms that generally have some financial connection, I hope to create a Deep-Q Reinforcement Learning model using search volume to determine when to buy and sell S&P 500 shares.

This is a big work in progress. Downloading Google Trends Data to train the model off of is a pain! This is also a self taught attempt at programming an AI model, using Tensorflow and miscellaneous online resources.

GitHub Repository

NY Walks YouTube Channel

A small foray into video editing, which has always been an interest of mine. I post relaxing 4K virtual tour videos of different locations, complete with stereo audio and color-grading for aesthetic perfection.


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YouTube Channel

Gen Z Meme Maker

Modern memes have gotten increasingly randomized! This was a quick 30-minute project I threw together on a whim as a humorous critique of what humor has become. The app grabs a random image and random english word, and puts them together to create a simple, yet often riotous meme.

Written in HTML/CSS/JS,

GitHub Repository

Deployed Site


This was a quick project that I had done as part of an application to a Software Engineering Summit. I took advantage of this opportunity to read the documentation for and fully understand React Redux, and create a clean Redux app.

Written in Typescript, React-Redux, and CSS.

GitHub Repository

Deployed Site